The New Website

A new year and a new development – the Ideas Hub now has its own site.

Today we are launching the new website. It will look similar to the previous one but it has moved from LH Alliances to a stand alone site. All new articles will go up on the new website and you will find all of our earlier articles and links there too.

Helen, Greg, Anna and I (the Ideas Hub team) started the Ideas Hub seven months ago in June 2016. We wanted to tell people about the stories we heard about in our work, small stories that inspired us and great people doing great things. I wrote at the time that “We have no idea about how this will evolve”. I’m delighted to say that it seems to have been something other people have welcomed and we are now feeling confident enough to move it to a more permanent footing.

Our stories have a common theme. They are about people doing things differently, with each other and their communities; about services who have created a new, more equal relationship between services and communities. Over Christmas and New Year I read many summaries about 2016 and the strange turn of world events. In the news there seems to be a big headline change towards intolerance of otherness, looking inward and entrenchment. Yet there is a still a very strong sense of people’s desire for greater humanity, caring, listening and reaching out. It is almost as if these two narratives are happening in parallel. The Ideas Hub is about championing the latter and it seems there has never been a more important time to do this. To unearth the stories of those people who are striving to make positive change, with people and community at the heart of their projects and being brave enough to do things differently.

We have no delusions of grandeur. Our Ideas Hub will never compete with the national press or the Twitteratti. That does not mean we can’t tell the stories we love about wonderful people and places. We want to connect people who are trying things out in their own areas and create bridges across different approaches and sectors. That is what we intend to keep doing.

As always, we welcome new ideas, people, stories and contributors so if you have something or someone you want to tell people about, don’t hesitate to email us.

Happy New Year – let’s see what 2017 brings.

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