1. People’s Voice Media is an organisation that captures people’s experiences and opinions in order to influence public policy.

    Case study: People’s Voice Media

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  2. Video: What is Co-Production?

  3. Check out this film about a church which opened it’s doors to the general public; using their space for the community.

    Video: Welcome Wednesdays, community space

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  4. Video: Questions change everything in community engagement

  5. Video: Feelings matter most, Dementia Care Matters

  6. Video: Cycling Without Age

  7. Ideas Hub Round Up

    All the stories published on the Ideas Hub last month, in case you missed them!

  8. Want to know more? Want to get involved?

  9. Video: Camerados: The answer to all our problems is each other

  10. Video: Wellbeing Teams

  11. Video: Grapevine Walk and Talk

  12. Video: Cartwheel Arts – The Wellbeing Dominoes

  13. Video: 24 Hours in Urgent Care

  14. Video: North London Cares and South London Cares

  15. Video: ‘I’m Controlling It’ – The Diabetes Project

  16. Video: Co-production by Spice

  17. Video: Enabling Social Action

  18. Connecting people and cutting down on food waste.

    The People’s Fridge

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  19. Video: The People Speak

  20. Video: Commissioning for Personalisation – London

  21. Video: Meet Me At The Albany

  22. Video: Cirencester Sofa Month

  23. Video: The Library of Things

  24. We take a look at the Family by Family programme in Australia which is a great example of co-production in the social sector.

    Case study: Family by Family

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  25. Video: Community development by the people

  26. Published by – Time Banking UK Date of publication – August 2012 Parable of Blogs and Squares Video One of the most challenging aspects of changing […]

    The Parable of the Blobs and Squares

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