Ideas Hub September Round-up

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the stories posted on the Ideas Hub in September:


Case study: Creative Homes – more play less stress
We look at a co-designed project where live artists visit family homes and tackle stressful moments with under 5s head-on.

Blog: ‘A shock to the system’, a New Philanthropy Capital event
We report from the first seminar held by New Philanthropy Capital which accompanies their report on systems change.

Report: New Philanthropy Capital – Systems Change: A guide to what it is and how to do it
NPC’s report on how to change systems provides an honest and accessible guide for those ambitious enough to try it.

Case study: Open Works – Building a participatory platform
A look at Open Works, a pioneering initiative which promoted a participatory culture in communities.

Interview: Kate Fitzhugh, Stockport Family
An interview with Kate Fitzhugh of Stockport Family, a fully integrated children’s services based on restorative practice.

Case study: Stockport Family
We look at how the Stockport Family programme transformed, integrated and a refocused a set of statutory services around empowerment.

Report: Pillars and Foundations – Next practice in Children’s Services
A look at ADCS’ report ‘Pillars and Foundations’, which is a think piece examining next practice in the Children’s Sector.

Case study: Family by Family
We take a look at the Family by Family programme in Australia which is a great example of co-production in the social sector.

Idea of the Month: Never waste a mistake
September’s Idea of the Month is a simple and powerful way to describe a learning culture and comes from Stockport.

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