Ideas Hub Round Up

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the stories posted on the Ideas Hub last month.

Video: Welcome Wednesdays, community space
Check out this film about a church which opened it’s doors to the general public; using their space for the community.

Guest Blog: Reimagining the care home
Read the inspiring story of the Airedale Social Movement’s efforts to improve care homes by uniting local people and care homes across Yorkshire.

c-App, the virtual advocate
We’ve recently discovered c-App, a fantastic virtual advocacy tool which calmly supports people through anxious assessments.

What is co-production?
We are always looking for great explanations of what co-production is to help make it real for people. Someone recently sent us this film and we love it!

Guest Blog: Restoring regenerative public services
This blog includes two great case studies from across Greater Manchester of collaborations between services, communities and citizens to improve wellbeing.

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