Ideas Hub Round Up

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the stories posted on the Ideas Hub last month.


Interview: Andreas Rosenboom, Music Therapist

Andreas shared some stories and bits of advice that come from working as a music therapist.


New Home for the Library of Things

What if libraries lent more than books? Things you only use once a year or something you want to try out? Enter the Library of Things, a home for borrowers!


Case study: The Friendly Bench

The Friendly Bench in Nottinghamshire is a simple way of using outside space to connect people to each other and their community.


Case study: Hoe Street Central Bank

How one high street bank is making the most of their social value.


Case Study: Rural Coffee Caravan

Sometimes a simple cup of coffee is all you need to start a conversation. The Rural Coffee Caravan is using this idea to connect people around the country.


Report summary: Better services, stronger economy

This latest guidance from Locality shakes up procurement and gives you ideas for keeping services local and increasing social value


Case study: Sheffield Flourish

Sheffield Flourish is a growing community of people living with mental health conditions where amazing things are happening


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