Ideas Hub October Round-up

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the stories posted on the Ideas Hub in October:

Idea of the Month: Go Big or Go Home
A reminder to try something out – even if it feels big and scary.

Video: The Library of Things
This short film explores the concept of a library which enables community members to share things between themselves.

Blog: Let’s be honest…
This blog explores the need for a culture which learns and reflects and looks to other sectors where this is a matter of life and death.

Report: Spreading Change
We take a look at a report which proposes how learning from behavioural science can help us spread systems change.

Video: Cirencester Sofa Month
We love these videos from You’re Welcome of Cirencester Sofa Month, which came about during a community meeting aimed at making Cirencester more welcoming.

Case study: Mayday Trust
We spread the word about the fantastic Mayday Trust who are tipping homelessness services on their head.

Report: Moving from the margins: The challenges of building integrated local services
We look at a report considering three integrated service models which asks why integrated services remain at the fringes of local public services.

Case study: Meet Me At The Albany – a grown-ups’ playground
We champion a new type of day centre for older people where anything is possible.

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