Ideas Hub October 2017 Round Up

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the stories posted on the Ideas Hub last month.


Idea of the Month: Patients as partners, not just storytellers
Patient Director David Gilbert reminds us that though storytelling can be very important, patient involvement and collaboration can and must go further.


Case study: Learning from Excellence
We learn about a reporting system started by Dr Adrian Plunkett which uses appreciative inquiry to boost quality and safety in healthcare.


Video: Grapewine Walk and Talk
We recently came across Walk and Talk sessions, a wonderfully simple idea where people and staff are invited together on walks around the city to share ideas and connect.


Report summary: The Place of Kindness
We summarise Zoe Ferguson and Carnegie UK Trust report which looks at how we can encourage kindness in our communities and calls on government, organisations and people to all take action.


Interview: Alex Hoskyn, Chatty Café scheme
We interview Alex Hoskyn the creator of the Chatty Cafe scheme to learn about how and why she started the scheme and what she’s learnt along the way.


Living Well Network Hub: Meet people in cafes not clinics
We caught up with Stacey Hemphill, the Lambeth Living Well Network Hub Manager to learn more about how staff engage with people outside of the Hub.


Report: Social Care a Local Economic Solution for the West Midlands
We summarise the New Economic Foundation’s report which makes a forceful case for localised money flows; money spent with locally rooted companies is more likely to go to local suppliers and thus the local economy.


By Best Mistake by Linda Hutchinson
One of our directors, Linda Hutchinson writes about her best mistake, when she learnt about the importance and value of properly involving people.

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