Ideas Hub December 2017 Round Up

In case you missed them the first time around, here’s a round-up of all the stories posted on the Ideas Hub last month.

Idea of the Month: You today, me tomorrow
November’s Idea of the Month was a reminder that any of us can be the listeners as well as be the ones who need to be listened to.

My Best Mistake by Claire Haigh, Co-Founder Collaborate Out Loud
Claire Haigh, Co-founder of Collaborate Out Loud shares what she learnt from leaving Bangor University after her first year.

Interview: Katherine Brown, Local History Cafes
We interviewed Katherine Brown the founder of Local History Cafes to learn more about her journey and how she set up this wellbeing and heritage project.

Blog: Music is a language we all understand
We’ve been thinking about harnessing the power of music in our work and we gave it a try by building a collaborative playlist at a recent event.

Interview: Helen Sanderson, Wellbeing Teams
Helen Sanderson, a creator of Wellbeing Teams talked to us about her inspirations, favourite quote, working with CQC and what her advice would be to others.

Event: Learning from Excellence Conference
Our summary of Learning from Excellence’s dynamic and engaging conference which taught us about the amazing power of people and positivity.

Video: Feelings matter most, Dementia Care Matters
We’ve been thinking a lot about feelings this week! Watch this video from Dementia Care Matters’ as a reminder that feelings matter most.

Report summary: Powerful Communities, Strong Economies
We summarised Locality’s report on six areas working together to Keep it Local and find much to like.

My Best Mistake by Fiona Weir, Participation Strategy Lead
Participation strategy lead Fiona Weir shares a mistake that crept up on her and what she learnt about conflict and community action from it.

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