Training and learning

We are experienced, trained facilitators looking to spread the benefits of coproduction, collaboration and strength-based approaches further.

More organisations are adopting these as their way of working and many commissioners are seeing the benefits of enabling community driven activities. Investment in staff who want to work differently and are taking on changes to their old roles is critical to help start, accelerate and sustain change.


Bringing our enthusiasm, expertise and wide knowledge of innovations from across the country, we work with organisations and communities to co-design workshops and learning events that will work for them, with the aim of improving their knowledge and understanding of strengths-based approaches and deepening their practice as they apply them to their work.


Learning together is powerful in building relationships and trust. We are passionate about bringing people together to listen to one another, share their understanding, experience and challenges with each other. These, together with exchanging ideas and sharing practices and mistakes is how culture, mind-sets and services really transform.


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Examples of types of events

Communities of practice

Practitioners at all levels, learning together in a safe, open space where they can share their experiences and critically assess each other’s practice which in turn will deepen their knowledge and skills. The group meets over several months with facilitated sessions on specific topics and questions they wish to explore.

Unlearning events

Workshops with information about how others are doing innovative things. The Ideas Hub has connections with hundreds of projects which have overcome challenges and made something magical happen. To help people feel brave enough to do the same we can draw on the network to hear first hand about their journey and inspirations.

Local Ideas Festivals & Community Fairs

Interactive, immersive events with a wide audience using creativity and social media to bring local stories to life, showcase shared possibilities for the future and inspire participants to change.

Collaborative leadership & working

Bespoke workshops for any groups working together to help maximise their chance of success. How groups work together, especially when they come from different perspectives, disciplines and organisations, is not always straightforward. We focus on building trust and respect, developing collaborative leadership skills and becoming a high value team.