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The Ideas Alliance team brings years of varied experience in coproduction and collaboration, campaigning and communications.

Through our work on the front line in the public sector and our consultancy work including with local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, NHS Vanguards and community projects, we have built up considerable knowledge of strength based and coproduction approaches in action. We have developed a deep understanding of how it can work on the ground, where resistance might be met and how to overcome some of the challenges that prevent change from happening. We have seen what works and what doesn’t.


The Ideas Alliance is not about any one sector or methodology; it is the glue that binds all of these and enables ideas and approaches to spread between them.


We can bring our expertise,  experience and enthusiasm to any organisation and community wishing to apply strengths based approaches and co-production. We help with shifting cultures and stimulating social action and participation. We can support you to develop new relationships between organisations with shared values who want to work together to achieve common goals.

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  • Create new conversations with people?
  • Apply strengths based approaches to your work?
  • Develop strong relationships with others to design, plan and work together?
  • Create the environment where social action can flourish?

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Can we help you with


Between us we have experience of commissioning in NHS and Local Authorities. We bring expertise in alliance and collaborative contracting and commissioning for outcomes and co-production. We know how difficult it is to move from current practice and will work alongside you and your colleagues to help you achieve the changes you wish to make.

Community development

We are passionate about community development which firmly places the development in the hands of local people. We have supported grassroots, voluntary sector organisations and those commissioning them to understand how community driven approaches work on the ground and how they can be procured and measured in a way that nurtures them and helps them flourish. We have developed and facilitated bespoke training and communities of practice which provide the space for action learning and deepening practice.

Evaluations and reviews

We are skilled and experienced evaluators. We have a proven track record in a range of qualitative and quantitative research and evaluation methods to review, assess and inform strategy, commissioning intentions and service design and delivery. By applying the principles of co-production and appreciative inquiry, we can bring a fresh perspective to the work and are able to combine the unique insight and contributions of those with lived experience with a wide collaboration of other stakeholders.

Building collaborations and alliances

In all our work, we see the value of people coming together to make things happen. This can be as informal networks, specific groups or even commissioned partnerships and alliances. We see the power and innovation that comes when people with diverse perspectives and experience truly work together as equals for a common goal.

We have facilitated many different types of collaborations and can support people at the early stage of development and building strong relationships through to full financial, legal and governance advice for risk sharing alliances.